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Shelter From the Storm Animal Rescue, Inc.

 License # 266743-DS


If you have an animal you need to surrender, please fill out the following form:



You must fill out the rehoming application to move forward in the process.   We can not take an animal in if this has not been completed.   We require a $50 surrender fee to help cover the medical costs/care of the animal, and we can not take the animal in without receiving their current vet records.

I adopted an animal from you, can I bring them back?

As per our adoption contract agreement, if you adopt an animal from us and then decide that they're no longer the best fit for your home, we do require them to be brought back to us. However, we are unable to provide a refund.

How long will it take for you to rehome my pet?

Here at SFTS we practice what is known as Managed Intake , meaning we choose the animals we take into our facility. Dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters or who need to be rescued from puppy mills and breeders are our top priority. As such, it's not guaranteed that we will be able to take in your animal.   If we have the space and resources available, we will contact you via phone and/or email to set up a time to bring them in and, if    you'd like, we can update you once they are adopted. Adoption times vary  depending on many different factors     including age, breed, medical problems, and the temperament of the animal.

Do you take in strays?

The easiest and shortest answer to this is no. Because of the limited space and resources that we have available, PLEASE do not drop a stray off at our facility.   If you find a stray dog or cat that is sick, injured, or aggressive, please    call Animal Control at 608-255-2345.   For all other strays, contact    the Dane County Humane Society at 608-838-0413 ext 100.   If you find a stray cat who has a tipped ear, it means they have been  trapped, spayed/neutered, and then released, and are best left alone.