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What is Shelter From The Storm?

Shelter From the Storm Animal Rescue was formed in 2005 by Allison Davies in response to the overwhelming amount of animals being euthanized in  local shelters. SFTS is an all-breed dog and cat   rescue that   focuses on alleviating overcrowding in shelters and helping adoptable/treatable animals. Since its inception, we've helped The Humane Society of The United States during Hurricane Katrina by transporting over 100 animals to safety in Wisconsin where they were vetted, placed in foster care, and ultimately found their forever homes. We also worked with them to deal with a major  hoarding/neglect situation at the Thyme and Sage Ranch which was   operating as an animal rescue/animal control agency but was housing in excess of 300 animals.

Many of our animals are placed with a suitable foster family where they begin basic training, receive socialization, and learn what it's like to live in a home. We also tend to their medical needs including vaccines, microchipping, spays/neuters, heartworm testing, FeLV and FIV testing for cats, deworming, dental cleanings/extractions,  and monthly flea/tick prevention.

In 2008, in furtherance of its mission, the Spay Me Clinic was born. Dr. Richard Brown, CVT Elizabeth Yohn, and Allison Davies  have performed high volume spay/neuter procedures in a variety of locations/settings and used their knowledge to open the  clinic. In the beginning, surgeries were performed once a week and gradually expanded to 6 days a week.


In 2022, we expanded even further to provide people with more access to low-cost vet care and changed our name to the Wisconsin Community Veterinary Center. Currently, we have several highly trained vets, vet techs, and vet assistants on staff. We also utilize volunteers from the general public as well as  volunteer veterinarians and CVT's. Our clinic provides a great educational setting for vets and vet tech students who want to learn more about shelter medicine and high volume spay/neuter procedures.​

Although the Wisconsin Community Veterinary Center is open to the public as a full-service vet clinic, a large part of what we do is extending   a helping hand to other rescues and shelters by offering spay/neuter services at a lower cost. Since we're also a rescue, we understand the importance of running a business and keeping costs down. Our veterinarians and staff have become skilled in high volume spay/neuter procedures and continue to expand their skills. Additional procedures have gradually been added such as   dentals, amputations, foreign object removals, and ACL repairs. Currently we  spay /neuter   over 12,000 dogs and cats every year.

Shelter From The Storm is a Madison, WI based non-profit, all breed dog and cat rescue whose mission is to reduce the euthanasia rate of healthy and adoptable animals and to improve the lives of companion animals. ​

We do this by:

  1.   Finding permanent homes for animals in need

  2.   Providing support to communities who do not have access to humane organizations

  3.   Educating the public on responsible pet ownership

  4.   Providing access to affordable spay/neuter services and veterinary care

Our Mission Statement:

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