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Foster with Shelter From The Storm

Being a foster parent is a very rewarding experience.  You take in an animal and provide them with love, socialization, and training until they find their forever home. Foster care allows them to learn how to be part of a family.  It also helps us learn about each animals' needs and get a better picture of their personality.   Fostering saves two   lives   because it opens up a kennel at the shelter for us to save another animal!  We  need  foster homes for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens (and the occasional small animal and farm animal)!

SFTS provides  all needed medical care and can provide supplies   such as food and treats, leashes and harnesses, toys, crates, and dog beds   to fosters if needed.   

Fostering saves TWO lives - The life of the foster animal - The life of an animal who take

Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • If you rent, we will check on the pet policy

  • All pets in the home must be spayed/neutered and   up to date on vaccines

  • Foster home must provide transportation to  vet/adoption appointments

If you would like to open your home to an animal in need, please complete a Volunteer Application using the link below. Thanks for your interest!

After submitting your  Foster Application,  our Animal Care Manger will look it over. If approved, you will receive an acceptance email. Please respond to this email   to get things started and our Animal Care Manager will discuss with you who might make the best fit. 

Benefits to Fostering

  • You’ll be freeing up a spot in the shelter for another animal in need.

  • You may be providing a happy and safe home for growing puppies & kittens.

  • You may be helping an animal from an unhealthy background adjust to normal life. 

  • You'll be showing animals that people can be good (that may  not have ever had  a kind hand).

  • Fostering increases an animal’s chance of getting adopted.

  • You’ll help the rescue/shelter learn more about the animal’s personality so they can place them in the best home possible.

  • Fostering greatly reduces the chance of an animal being returned to the shelter after adoption.

  • Your foster’s transition into his new forever home will be much smoother.

  • They’ll finally get a chance to learn that they are loved.

  • Most of all, you’ll be giving a chance to an animal who really needs it, and there’s really nothing better than that!

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