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Frequently Asked Questions

I adopted from you in the past, do I need to submit another application?  No! Simply email or call to let us know which animal you're interested in and if your email address, home address, or phone number has changed.

Do I need to fill out an application for every animal I'm interested in? No. Once you have an approved application on file, you don't need to submit another. You can spend time with multiple animals during your adoption meeting. If they're not a good fit, or if the one you applied for already has a meeting scheduled with another adopter, then simply reach out to us via the approval email in the future to let us know if there's others you're interested in.

Do you require a home inspection? We do not conduct home visits due to time restraints and safety concerns.

Do you offer trial periods or pre-adoptions? We no longer offer this option. If you're unsure if an animal is a good fit, you're welcome to schedule multiple meetings.

Do you offer financial aid to veterans? We partner with Pets For Patriots which is a non-profit that offers discounted vet care as well as a $150 gift card for pet supplies to Veterans. Through our partnership with them, we're able to provide Veterans with a 10% discount as well as a free leash, collar, harness, carrier, and bag of food!  We've also worked with Vets Adopt Pets which is another non-profit organization that pays adoption fees for Veterans. Please check out their websites to apply!

Do you offer discounts? SFTS is a non-profit organization that operates solely via the funds we receive from grants and donations. We do not get any state funding. As such, we're unable to offer discounts at this time. However, now and then we'll have "Choose Your Own Fee" adoption events so follow us on Facebook to find out when those are happening!

Do you adopt to low-income individuals? We're more than happy to work with adopters on overcoming financial obstacles! You can find local Pet Food Pantries at  DCHSWHS, and WisCARES. Low-Cost Vet Care is provided at WCVC, WisCARES, and  MADACC. Although medical care can be expensive, you can apply for Emergency Veterinary Grants at RedRoverThe Pet Fund, and UW Veterinary Care or Veterinary Financing at ScratchPay and CareCredit. If you're low-income or looking for an ESA, you can find Adoption Fee Grants through EmBark Foundation or Henry's Caring Heart. Last but not least, you can search for even more state/national emergency veterinary care and pet food pantries at Pets Of The Homeless and Pets Find Help.

Do you offer animal licenses? We don't, please check with your local city to find out how/where to license your pet.

What are your adoption fees? Depending on the breed and age, cats are $20-$200 and dogs are $200-$600. Some animals have been sponsored by fosters, employees, or previous owners! Although we focus mainly on cats and dogs, we do sometimes work with other animals. During special circumstances, we may have other species of animals up for adoption. Those fees will be determined on a case by case basis. 


Your adoption fees are too high, is the price negotiable? Our adoption fees are not negotiable.  They include each animal being spayed or neutered, microchipped, and up to date on age-appropriate vaccines/tests which costs around $250 for each dog and $150 for each cat. In addition, each animal gets flea/tick/heartworm preventatives while in our care which amounts to around $15 per month per animal (we have up to 80 animals at a time which is  $1200 a month!). These costs do not include the care of sick or injured animals who need medication and/or surgery. On average, the price of an animal bought from a puppy mill or breeder is going to be between $500 to $3000 plus many of them charge an application fee, and most of the animals aren't spayed/neutered or vaccinated before they're purchased. Please Adopt Don't Shop, even if it's not through us!


Can I pay for an animal now but pick them up on a different day? No, we prefer to do everything on the same day. Once the adoption and payment take place, ownership of the animal is transferred to the adopter. Legally, this means we wouldn't be able to provide them with veterinary or emergency care without permission in the event that they needed it while still with us.

What's included in the adoption? Each adoption comes with a rabies tag (although some animals who are transferred from out of state or surrendered may not have one) as well as a digital packet that includes a receipt, a copy of the adoption contract, medical records, a rabies certificate, and a spay/neuter certificate. We also include information about pet first aid, poison prevention, socialization, training, and enrichment. Depending on each animal's needs, we can also send information about kitten and puppy care, crate training, behavior modification plans, and tips on managing certain medical conditions. In addition, the digital packet includes information about a free nail trim and stores that offer free adoption kits!

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept cash, check, debit card, and credit card. Card/cash is preferred!

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