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No matter what form your giving takes, your gift will help provide many second chances, perfect matches, & HAPPY ENDINGS.

Make a one time donation.

Make a one time, life saving donation  to support Shelter from the Storm.  Your generosity is crucial to our mission.

Every donation makes a difference!

SFTS relies on the generosity of our  supporters to ensure that our doors are always open for animals in need. By establishing a recurring  monthly donation plan, you will provide SFTS with the ongoing support necessary to provide the dogs and cats in our care with the necessities, like food, medication, treats & toys all year long.

Road to Recovery

At SFTS, we know that the journey a rescue animal faces is not always smooth sailing. We have made it part of our mission to help those that come to us with extraordinary medical needs navigate smoothly through the detours and road blocks that often arise.  The  journey may be tough, but with your support, the destination  is always priceless.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities.

These include:

  • Kennel Sponsorships

  • Event Sponsorships

  • Individual Sponsorships

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Check out our Wishlist

  Donating wish list items is a great way to support the animals and make a tax deductible gift.  

Nothing else  you do will alleviate as much suffering of adoptable pets as quickly or efficiently as spaying and neutering. Prevention of the next generation of homeless pets is one of our top priorities. Join the fight against  pet overpopulation by donating to our "Spay it Forward" fund. 

Rescue League

Make an even bigger impact in the lives of our area  homeless and injured dogs and cats by becoming a member of  Shelter from the Storm's Rescue League!  This elite group of  donors allows SFTS to provide the very  best care for those who need us most,  We  invite you to join the league  today...and help us build a better tomorrow !

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Waggin 2 hi res.png
Waggin' Wagon

This fund helps us bring animals to our rescue for their second chance at a new life. Whether from northern Wisconsin or Texas, they need a ride to get here. With gas prices on the rise, travel has become especially expensive, but it is important to us to continue to save those in dire need. Donations to this fund go directly to transport expenses. 

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