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Hi there,
Just got my Shelter From the Storm newsletter and have a pic for Happily Ever After.
We adopted Zulu, whom we renamed Truffle for his black-and-white coat (it's a food thing) on 12 May 2007.  He was so tiny and his brother was just as cute (Zeke? Zeus? we've forgotten, but it was another Z name). 
Truff is a character!  He has this adorable habit of lifting his back leg when he's feeling coy and flirtacious (not in a spraying or naughty way); we often wonder if his brother does the same.  His vet has never seen another animal do this so it's a curiousity for sure. 
He's always been afraid of loud noises (storms and the like) so we often wonder if that was a part of his early kittenhood.  An easier-maintenance cat there never was - he eats whatever is put in front of him and adores his Drinkwell fountain, often to the point of jumping right in and taking his "shower".  Speaking of which, we usually find him sitting on the bathrooom vanity after we take our showers - we think he likes the warm steam, and he waits patiently for someone to comb his hair.
             He shares his time with another shelter cat, Petrus, and loves to go outside with her              and "Daddy Cat", although he's not as brave as she is and neither cat is allowed    
             to free-roam.  Daddy's got them both used to a leash and the neighbors get a big 
             kick out of that.

When we first brought him home

Truffle's first Birthday with us

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