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Working Cats

- This page is a work in progress.  Please contact us with any questions or check back for more information as we update.  -

Although we do not often get working cats, we do from time to time when they arrive with kittens or other extenuating circumstances.    Working cats are also known as barn cats. They are under-socialized and are happier when humans keep their distance.

They typically will become     extremely stressed when confined. Although these cats cannot be house pets, they can live a fulfilling and happy life in a barn or cat community. This is where they are happiest and you benefit by having a cat that will keep mice away from your    property! 

Generally speaking, working cats are independent cats who prefer to limit their interactions with humans. However, the degree to which they keep their distance varies from cat to cat and may change over time. Even those who prefer to keep their distance may grow close with their caregiver after positive encounters with people. They often develop strong bonds with other animals, often reducing their desire to roam, which is why we recommend that at least two cats be placed together. You get to name your own adoption fee for all working cats.

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