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We currently have quite a few seniors at SFTS looking for homes, so we decided to have a month long event just to feature them and give them some extra love! 

During this event, we are looking to find sponsors for all of our seniors! Below we will also tell you all about what makes seniors great pets! We hope this will help them all find their furever homes very soon! 

Click the button to the right to donate any amount you'd like to help our continued care of our Senior kitties and to sponsor their adoption fee, helping them find their new homes quickly.

See all of our senior kitties below! We will update their photos as we have updates sponsorships!

Cat's Nose
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Thanks to the generosity of author Greg Duckert, any donation of $30.70 (which covers the adoption fee and 1 day of care) or greater, will receive a free dedicated and signed copy of "The Orphan Farm", which features many of our senior cats who are currently looking for homes. 


  • They are less likely to cause trouble and get into things like kittens are. 

  • You won't have to go through the teething stage.

  • They typically need less supervision and can be left alone for longer work days. 

  • They are more emotionally mature & independent. 

  • They are more laid back & can be great snugglers. 

  • They come with fewer surprises. 

  • They have immense love and gratitude to give. 

  • You can make their golden years, their best years. 

  • Fees to adopt are significantly less (especially if they're sponsored!)

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