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Second Chances

for special needs

​​As a rescue, we often take in animals with special medical needs because we have resources available to us that enable us to care for them when other shelters and rescues cannot. We take in animals who would otherwise not have a second chance at life. These animals come to us in need of cherry eye repair, FHO surgery, ACL repairs, masses or tumors, dental disease or simply broken limbs. They often do not have other health issues so once these issues are addressed they are ready for adoption.

We are very grateful that we have the ability to take in these special needs animals, give them the medical care they need and place them in their new :"furever" home. Though we do have resources available, like a working relationship with the University of WI Vet School, we do need donations to help cover the cost. Please consider donating today to help one of these special needs animals.

Pictured below are just a few of those who came to us in need of emergency medical care.

It is because of the generosity of our SFTS friends & supporters that we were able to help them out! 

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