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Smokey is now settled in and enjoying her life with our other cats.  The male cats (Lovey and Lewis) accepted her pretty readily.  The female cats (Lola and Kitten) aren’t really sure what to make of Smokey just yet.  Smokey doesn’t seem to mind and has already claimed several spots in the house for relaxing.  She also leaves gifts for us each morning outside the bedroom door, which we close so my allergies can have a break.  When I open the door, I usually see 6 or 7 cat toys right waiting for me.  We’ve noticed during the day that she’ll stalk the toys like prey.  She walks around the house making squeeking noises while she’s carrying them in her mouth.  I think she leaves her “prey” overnight to show us what a good hunter she is.  One morning, we found 6 toys perfectly lined up in a row – equal distance from each other like someone had measured and placed them there.  I don’t know how she pulled off that one but it was quite a sight to see! 


Anyway, she is doing well and we are so happy to have her as part of our family.  As promised, she doesn’t mind the other cats even when they hiss at her and she is very giving with her love and affection.   We’re happy to give this “senior” cat a forever home. 


Here’s a picture of Smokey sharing one of our cat trees with Lola and Kitten.  Smokey is on the bottom. 


Sueann & Mark

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