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April Showers bring May Flowers..

What do May Flowers bring?

oodles of kittens!

Kitten season  is upon us!  Each year, kitten season brings a variety of challenges. We currently have 75 cats in our care, most of which are kittens.   We are flooded with tiny toe beans and big personalities. As adorable as they are, they take a lot of work to keep happy and healthy.


As we partner with other organizations to  get these cats  and kittens to safety, we need your help to keep us afloat.   SFTS is desperately trying to save as many as we can  from dire situations.  For every kitten we rescue, it cost costs $10.70 each day for basic care. This does not include those that need      additional medical care. 

Rescuing kittens comes at a huge cost, but we know that with your help we can   do it. 

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Interested  in becoming a matching donor? Email us at

SFTS currently has 75 cats/kittens in our care! Not only does this mean  lots of food consumed  and poop scooped, but  we've also had a few special cases.   Here are just a few of their stories:




Tyr  started his journey in an overwhelmed shelter in Kentucky.  With only days to spare, we were able to  bring him to Wisconsin for a second chance at life. Sounds great, right? Well not long after his arrival, he became gravely ill. He wouldn't eat and  was having a hard time breathing. We rushed him to our clinic, and after several days without improvement, we thought that was the end. But Tyr told us otherwise. Even in his condition, he would get up to give you a head boop  and say hello. We  knew we couldn't give up on him. We kept fighting and so did Tyr. After weeks at the clinic, he has made a full recovery.  Now he's looking for his forever home that will  join him in living every day to the fullest. 

Check back for more stories

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