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Killer AKA Kitt

Dear Shelter From the Storm,
I've attached pictures of our new addition (formerly Killer/Kitt) Little Miss Pretty Pants with her new best friend, Deano. 
When Deano was a kitten he got affection from and played with our older cat, Miike Neko, a Snowshoe Siamese.  As Deano got bigger and stronger, Miike was less willing to roughhouse and Deano became a hyper little troublemaker.  This started me on my quest to find him a playmate.  I knew I wanted another Siamese mix since Miike is a wonderful cat and the cat had to be young to play with Deano.  I found Killer on Petfinder and it was kismet.  She was a Siamese mix, born the same month and year as Deano, was good with other cats and her name was Killer, which we thought was awesome.
Every day my husband and I are in awe of how well she and Deano get along.  They play all the time, eat together, sleep together and Pretty even tries to open the carrier door when Deano is stuck inside for a trip to the vet.  Deano is no longer getting into things he shouldn't be or tormenting Miike since Pretty wears him out.  She is the perfect cat for us.  Thanks so much for all you do and for rescuing our Little Miss Pretty Pants so we could give her a forever home and a best friend.
-Carolyn and Rob M

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