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At Shelter From the Storm, we are constantly looking for way to improve the living quarters for animals during their stay .  Last year, we were able to revamp the large dog kennels, making substantial improvements. This year, we are looking to do the same for the small dog area.   An amazing volunteer has stepped up and is willing to do the hard work, now we just need a little  financial support to make it a reality. 

More About the Project

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Currently, for the small dog area, we use large wire  crates. Although these are standard, they do pose some challenges, such as: 

  • Plastic trays become  broken 

  • Wire bars can be bent

  • Metal bars can create hiding places for  bacteria, making sanitizing more challenging. 

  • Staff have to crawl in to reach animals towards th back of the kennel

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Our new & improved built in kennels will feature,

  • Easy to clean wall surfaces 

  • Space for people to stand and mop 

  • Larger doors 

  • Fewer places that may catch  food or other mess

Why is this important? 

  • more space

  • allow easier sanitization

  • improved safety.

  • reduces   animal stress

  • minimize disease transmission

These improvements will facilitate a healthier and happier stay for our furry friends.

Like to Donate?

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