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The day I adopted Gwen, all the girls were so excited (and sad) to see her get a new home and I totally know why: She's the BEST (and prettiest) kitty ever! She acclimated to my place in about two days and is stunning with new people, pacing and purring between their legs to seeing what's going on. She has a little basket of toys on the floor, and when she's ready to play, she'll pulls them out, sometimes (believe it or not) even putting them back when she's all tuckered out!  I've set up a couple play dates for her with other friends' cats, and that's when her little "so what" attitude comes, because no matter how upset the other cat might be, she's not the least bit timid and all she wants to do is play!  In the past couple weeks, she's started giving me kisses on my face; and being on my own in a new city - those are the best kisses EVER! I love her to pieces :) Thanks SO much SFTS!

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