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Emerald is the sweetest and most cuddly cat I have ever encountered. When I first brought her home, she spent most of her time hiding under the couch, the dresser, or other hiding places I didn't even realize existed until she found them. But after about a week she finally got used to everything, and now she never hides at all. She follows me around wherever I go like a furry little shadow. She's got the cutest little high pitched meow to let me know that she wants to play (which she does quite often). We've already established a number of daily routines: waking me up at 6 in the morning to demand breakfast, racing each other up and down the stairs, demanding that we play with a ball of string after I get home from work, and then cuddling next to my pillow when I go to sleep. And she's wonderful around other people. She's very indiscriminate about who pets her. Adopting Emmie has been a wonderful experience.

Warm Regards,

Gordon M.
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