Volunteering with Shelter From the Storm​

 We are always in need of dedicated volunteers to  help with a number of different opportunities that we have available. Volunteer opportunities include helping at the shelter, Spay Me  Clinic, adoption events,  various fundraisers throughout the year, and fostering.  We are looking for volunteers who   can make a commitment to volunteering at least once  a month for 6 months and can commit to helping at three different fundraisers throughout the year. 

Love animals and want to make a difference? 
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Volunteering at the Shelter


Shelter Address:

1602 Blossom Lane, Madison, WI 53716

Cats:   We need people to    sit in the cat room and socialize with the cats. While there, you can pet them, brush them, talk with them, play with them, and hold them on your lap for a while. We have  found that when we have  regular volunteers spending time with the cats, we see less upper respiratory infections! Hours to volunteer with cats are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9am-8pm, and Wednesday from 9am-6pm. No Saturdays!

Dogs: The dogs need someone to walk them (must be over 18), play Frisbee or ball with them in the fenced yards, bathe them, groom them, pet them, and love them. They often need help learning basic commands or how to walk on a leash. Hours to volunteer with dogs are Monday-Friday from 9am-8pm and Sunday from 9am-8pm. No Saturdays!

Housekeeping: Though we do have regular staff doing routine housekeeping, there are    always chores that need to be done, such as    scooping poop in the yards, washing dishes and litter boxes, or doing laundry. It is always helpful to have volunteers help us out with these jobs. In addition, we need volunteers to help with the things the staff do not have time for. These things include    gardening, landscaping, washing windows, and other special projects or maintenance items, such as raking leaves and shoveling snow.

Volunteering at the Petsmart Adoption Event

​Our adoption event is every Saturday at Petsmart East (2216 E Springs Dr) from 10am-2pm  (setup starts at 9am and take down starts at 2pm). The adoption event is a very important part of the rescue as it is the only time the public can come meet our adoptable animals. Since the shelter is not open to the public, Petsmart Saturdays, aside from online, is the only place for our animals to find their perspective new homes. In order to make it all happen, we need volunteers to help  set up tables and crates, take dogs for potty breaks, and help assist potential adopters.  It is very rewarding  as nothing beats seeing an animal  go home with their new family!

Volunteering at the Spay Me! Clinic

Volunteering at our clinic is a great way to learn about animal health care. You don't have to know a thing - we will train you! We are happy to have you for any amount of time you are able to provide.  Volunteer opportunities include kennel cleaning, walking dogs, assisting in recovery, sterilizing    surgical tools, answering phones,  and general cleaning.

Are you going to school for veterinary medicine? The clinic is a great place to gain valuable experience. Are you a Veterinarian or CVT? We can use your help as well!      

Fundraising & Events

 Fundraising is a major aspect of the rescue. It is what keeps us up and running. There are a number of fundraising opportunities and events throughout the year and we always need volunteers to help. We can use experienced and not-so-experienced people to help organize and run these events. With your help, they will be a success to raise more money to help  our animals!


​Being a foster parent is a very rewarding experience.  You can take home an  animal in need, whether it be a    dog, cat, puppy, or kitten to love, socialize, and train until they find   their  forever home. Foster care provides a temporary home for the animal where they can  live comfortably and learn how to be  part of a family.   Shelter from the Storm will help with food and supplies if necessary.  We will also look to you for any input on the temperament of your foster pet and use your assistance for any applications received for your special pal. Your responsibilities will include providing food, water,  shelter, lots of love, a ride to Petsmart on Saturday (our adoption day), and rides to the shelter once a month on a Monday for vet checkups.    Foster homes are essential to our rescue. Every new foster home allows us to rescue one more animal as it opens up a spot at the shelter.

Underage Volunteers 

 For volunteers under 16 years of age, we require a parent or guardian to be present until approval is given by management. All volunteers between the ages of 13 and 17 must complete a leash skills test  before walking dogs.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete a volunteer application. If you have any questions, please contact Miranda, our Volunteer Coordinator, at sfts_volunteers@yahoo.com.



Thank You for your Interest in Volunteering!

We can't wait to have you join us in our mission of saving animals in need!

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