I wanted to send an email to update everyone on Twizzler, who I adopted on March 20.  Twizzler did not recognize or respond to her name, so I have been calling her Dixie.  Dixie has really made an easy and fast transition into living with me and my other dachshund, Sadie.  The two have already spent many hours playing and cuddling together on the couch. :)  We have found that Dixie loves going on walks, especially when we go to places where she can be let off the leash to run!  She loves to play chase and has been doing a great job coming when she is called.  We also quickly discovered that Dixie loves "treats", and she has been learning how to "sit" and "wait" in order to earn them.  She is still a little nervous when meeting new people, but seems to warm up to new friends very fast.  I am hoping that as she becomes more situated she will become even more comfortable around new people.  She is not completely house trained yet, but she is definitely making progress.  She is learning what "potty" is, and knows that she is supposed to go potty outside, but she has not quite figured out how to ask to go out so we are working on that!

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