We can learn a lot from dogs and cats with extraordinary medical needs.

They learn to enjoy life to the fullest with just a little help from us.

Please consider donating today to help a rescue dog or cat get on their way on the Road to Recovery, today!

 Road to Recovery 

As a rescue, we often take in animals with special medical needs because we have resources available to us that enable us to care for them when other shelters and rescues cannot. We take in animals who would otherwise not have a second chance at life. These animals come to us in need of cherry eye repairs, FHO surgery, ACL repairs, masses or tumors, dental disease & even broken bones. They have been hit by vehicles, severely injured, and in some cases left without necessary veterinary care for extensive periods of time. We address their medical issues as needed and put them up for adoption as soon as possible.


We are very grateful that we have the ability to take in these special needs animals, give them the medical care they need and place them in their new "furever" homes. Although we are fortunate to have many resources available, like a working relationship with the University of WI Vet School, the costs to provide the necessary care still requires us to seek donations from our supporters.

Check out the following pages to learn more about the R2R program candidates.
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