Just wanted to let you know Norbert arrived safe and sound to our home. He's an excellent passenger! We took him to our vet today for a check-up. He's healthy, although we have some ointment to put in his eye. Small price to pay for the little guy! 

He is now living in luxury with lots of love and treats (and treats, and treats . . . oh, boy does he love treats!) and will continue this life for a long, long time! He is signed up for classes at our local PetSmart (gotta channel his exuberance).

He plays hard and sleeps hard. Shown here on my wife Tammy's lap, drifting off to sleep. Just too darned cute.

We're very grateful for the work all of you do at Shelter From The Storm. We can tell you folks have a very well-run operation and care deeply for the animals we saw at PetsSmart. It was an extremely pleasant experience for us (Norbert would agree)!

- Mike and Tammy
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