Nica was extremely shy when my roommate and I first adopted her. She wouldn't even come near us. She would be so scared and tense when we came close to her. But after a few days of working in desensitizing her slowly, she started adjusting and slowly raising her tail up like a confident girl she has always been inside. Now, she's a quite happy girl. She loves going for a walk or anything outdoor as long as it doesn't involve her getting wet or going to the groomer. She would jump here and there with excitement when we're about to take her outside. She recently joined me on a trip to Mackinac Island and she had an absolute blast. She is just a very sweet girl who likes to be around her humans. She doesn't like to be left out even during a short conversation. She would sit in front of us when we're talking to make sure we notice that she's there with us. She's just the cutest and we love her very much. Thank you so much for bringing Nica into our lives!!

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