Junior Miss

AKA "Junior Miss" is now Stella and has adjusted quite well to life at our crazy house, with one rescue mutt already and two crazy cats, she fit right in and has become a nice addition to the family.  Her energy can be a bit much for us sometimes, but there are enough funny moments to make up for them.  When Stella isn't chasing chipmunks across our rock wall, chasing the cats or wrestling with Mason (our other dog, 6 years old) she enjoys napping on the couch or climbing into bed and snuggling at my feet under the covers...just glad she doesn't lick them! 
As of May 16th Stella has a new role in the household, she is now a big sister to a growing baby girl.  As if our household could not get any crazier - but both our dogs have adjusted quite well to the new schedule and patiently await for when baby and mom are asleep so that dad can walk them! 
I wish I had an old picture of her - but she was one of 8 puppies that were originally labelled as pekingese mixes, but we are starting to see more shiba inu, corgi or basenji in her - but that is part of the fun as people love to guess what she is when we walk her!
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